Origami Owl, Custom Jewelry

Have you heard about this latest craze?  If not, let me be the one to introduce you to Origami Owl, Custom Jewelry.  Yes.  CUSTOM.  I’ve recently become part of this amazing company that allows you, the customer, to design personal lockets that tell your story.  I fell in love with the idea immediately, I’m a self-confessed accessory junkie.  Here is an image that describes how simple the process really is:

I’m currently waiting on shipment of my first locket and I can’t.wait.for.it.to.get.here.  I’m stalking the UPS man like nobody’s business.  I created a family piece out of a gold locket, long gold chain, our initials and our birthstones.  Oh, and let’s not forget the rhinestone dog bone, that represents our puppy.  He’s definitely part of our family.  It’s something simple that I can wear everyday.  At first I was stressed wondering if I should wait until our family was complete because I didn’t want to have to order another necklace a year or two down the road.  Well, apparently the design team was one step ahead of me because these little suckers open up so you can exchange or add charms.  Holler!

Here are a few of my favorite designs:

Show your school spirit - fill your locket with your school letters and colors.

This is the perfect gift for a grandmother - let her proudly showcase her grandkids with boy or girl charms with birthstones.

I love the vintage trend right now!

Here is a great picture showcasing the differnet size lockets, colors and chains. I especailly love how they show a chain with just a dangle, no locket. It's all custom!

Meet Isabella, the 14-year-old mastermind behind Origami Owl. To read her amazing story, go to http://nora.origamiowl.com/story

I just love how stylish, chic and personal each necklace is.  Oh, and be on the lookout.  I was on a conference call with headquarters today and there are going to be LOTS of new items coming out very, very soon.  Eek, I’m so excited!

If you would like to browse, order, host a party (free products, hello!?) or even become a designer, go to http://nora.origamiowl.com.


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